Carpathian Single Malt Whisky is the first single-malt worldwide using exclusively 100 % malted barley produced in Romania.

Distillation, aging, and bottling are carried out at the Alexandrion Saber 1789 Distillery, strategically located near the Carpathian Mountains. A traditional Scottish method is used with double distillation in each batch.

For all the “expressions” of this whisky, the wine barrels are supplied by producers of famous wine varieties from all over the world.

  • Pinot Noir Exclusive Cask – This Carpathian Single Malt expression matured exclusively in European Oak red wine casks, sourced from own winery, is exclusive to Alexandrion & SABER Distilleries 1789 and Romania. A truly unique whisky from a winning collaboration.


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CARPATHIAN Pinot Noir Exclusive Cask

70cl | ABV 46%